Hints For Conducting An Undergraduate Dissertation Analysis

A dissertation refers to a final year project in which one is required to choose a topic and prepare a write-up including the research with analysis. For an effective assignment, preparation, planning and time management are important skills one has to master. The method of a dissertation gives you an opportunity to explore the subject of your interest, helping you in the future. The steps of conducting a dissertation include choosing a topic, deciding on a research question, research and arranging a report based on your findings.

Take some help

In the initial steps of your preparation, it is better to talk to other students about the choice of a topic. Keep a lookout for the topics other students are considering, and see if they interest you. If the institution allows so, have a general discussion about the topic with your professor. Don’t wait till you have a fully formed research question, but stick to your topic.

Finding a favorite topic

Before making an impulsive decision, ask yourself the following questions –

  • Will the topic sustain my interest?
  • Would I be able to analyze the topic?
  • Can I locate my work in any field?
  • Would I be able to research on the topic with ease and time?

Do some proper research

Before plunging into your project, do some reading in the library. Stock up on your general knowledge about sociology, politics, science and technology with the help of newspapers, research papers and other media. All of these sources can give useful suggestions for your project.

Think about your own interests

The topic should be attractive enough to draw your attention, and it must fit in with your likes and dislikes. Think about an element in your syllabus that could be incorporated into your project or if you would like to extend a previous study. Try some research on undiscovered topics of your syllabus as well.

Research notebook

It is helpful to have a notebook in which you can write down your ideas, observations, new ideas and problems. You can also keep a bibliography and list other sources, and do keep in mind the access to equipment and costs in mind.
Keeping these simple points will go a long way in working out the task of creating a presentable dissertation. It is always good to plan a year in advance for your project so that you get ample time for your research at your leisure.

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