10 Strong Graduate Dissertation Topics About Addiction

The process of composing a list of graduate dissertation topics is usually underrated by most students. Probably there are those who think that any topic is good as long as it is in the field that the study is being conducted. Well, one can argue that since addiction is such a widely discussed topic especially among the youth, getting a suitable topic of study is automatic. This is far from the truth because there is more to a title than just an interesting combination of popular words. Choosing a good topic requires one to be fully given to the exercise of searching for it. Information remains at the centre of any kind of writing in the sense that, only the well informed can be articulate in what they do. It is therefore necessary for one to strictly evaluate any topical options before arriving at a conclusion on what to study. On addiction, it is possible to find top notch topics whose study will contribute greatly to the fight against addiction and substance abuse. The following are some of the topical suggestions of graduate dissertations that one can consider

  1. The role that parents play in the stoppage of addiction causing habits in juveniles
  2. Exploring the contribution that modern technology makes in eroding morals among the youth
  3. Establishing separate drug addicts rehabilitation centers in the bid to restore sanity among the young people in third world countries
  4. Factors that slow down the eradication of outlawed drugs and the role of the government in neutralizing these factors
  5. Introducing anti-drug studies in high schools and colleges as a means of creating awareness and helping the young people to fight addictions
  6. Comparing modern and traditional methods of stress management and the effectiveness of each
  7. The relationship between children’s upbringing and their likelihood to get in to addiction
  8. Poor development strategies are to blame for the increasing number of street families in the developing countries
  9. Strategies of empowering the youth financially in the bid to fight crime and substance abuse
  10. Addictions are more of emotional and psychological conditions of deficiency than they are mere rebellion cases

Dissertation undergraduate topics for any field of study can easily be retrieved from college libraries. Tutors are also resourceful and reliable when it comes to giving topical suggestions to students. In fact, most tutors provide a list of topics from which one can choose the most suitable topic for their study. If the student feels limited by the available list, they can seek permission to explore other options.

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